Workplace wellness cessation clinics

Putting standards for smokefree workplace and helping the healthcare providers in such workplace to develop their capacity and also to develop a smoking cessation service or link them to a call center and resource on smoking cessation developed for workplaces at annual fees.

Providing a healthy working environment remains vital to ensure high productivity among the employees and to this end, the proposed project will work with selected companies, ministries and hospitals to educate their employees about the benefits of smoking cessation and helping them to provide a smoke-free working environment by providing them with the educational materials such as unbranded posters and booklets.

Creating Smoke-Free Workplaces

The MOH will select 10 companies, 10 ministries, and 10 general hospitals to participate in an awareness session conducted by Medical Experts about the hazards of smoking and the benefits of smoking cessation and learn how to provide their employees with a Smoke-free working environment. Each participating hospital is expected to develop a work plan for providing a smoke-free work place as per international guidelines, within 6 months of the awareness.

  1. The Session will be 2 hours duration
  2. 20 participants expected in each awareness session