Training for Healthcare professionals

Online training module: An online website will be developed that include a pre test, post test and technical resources to build the capacity on smoking cessation skills. The training will be provided upon the international standards and participants will receive a certificate which will be accredited from medical syndicate as well as an international organization (JHSPH, Mayo clinic, et. ) . This online training will facilitate the involvement of participants in international membership and listserv such as ATTUD and promoted to attend the tobacco treatment training in Mayo clinic.

The proposed program will help develop an online resource to build capacity of healthcare providers. Pfizer will provide the website unbranded material in Arabic and support the development of role play videoclips.

Training in different conferences: A plan for training different healthcare providers in different Chest and cardiology conferences with pre and post assessment and follow up plans to develop a network of healthcare providers advocating against tobacco epidemic through an international alliance called Globalbridges.

Furthermore, Pfizer experts have developed unbranded “posters” contents for print directly after signing the MOU. These posters to raise awareness about smoking cessation and will be placed in high visibility areas like sports clubs, schools and universities by the coalition members. In addition, other unbranded educational materials in the form of booklets, brochures, pamphlets developed by Pfizer and will be printed and distributed widely to inform the public about the Smoking Cessation services.

In addition, 4,500 pharmacists will be trained. Unbranded Smoking cessation materials for the public will be distributed at the pharmacies via comprehensive pharmacy network through pharmacy syndicate.