Egypt health works with health care professionals and public health officials to provide health solutions through prevention and enhancement of services in Egypt. The initiative will carry on different activities under the theme of Science serves Health. Researches, training, technical assistance and communication are the main strategies for enabling us to reach our goals.

We will continue to work with National Leaders, International organizations, and other interested health care professionals to bring preventive of different NCDs and other health problems to the attention of governments, public health officials, health care workers, and the general public. We will work on raising awareness and develop programs for early detection, prevention and approaches of management of different diseases.


To promote national autonomy within the framework of the priorities of our country to prevent and manage public health problems.

The aims of Egypt Health are:

  • 1- to gather and to disseminate knowledge on all aspects of disease prevention and its risk factors like Tobacco use, unhealthy diet and infection;
  • 1- to alert doctors, decision makers, leaders of opinion and the general public to the dangers presented by different diseases and non-communicable diseases as well as the community health problems associated with them;
  • 1- to establish and maintain close links with the World Health Organization, other United Nations organisations, and government and non-government institutions in health and development sectors.


Science serves the Egyptian Health